Thursday, 22 January 2015

Outfit: Sin is Sincere

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Cool Patch Flannel - High Heels Suicide 
Distressed vintage Levi's with studs - The Trash Rack 
boots - H&M 
choker & necklace - eBay 
Delphinius Moonstone poison box ring - Shop Dixi 
charm bracelet* - Parfois 

You won't believe how long I hunted for this flannel since I've stumbled upon it on lookbook. It was sold out almost everywhere save for one Spanish fashion website named Fashion Pills, which I had never heard of previously. I'm all about red and black flannels recently and this one was just the right find as it's not too basic and spices up any pair of old jeans. 
The weather has been a little dull lately. I haven't seen a blue sky since I've shot my last outfit post and it's slowly getting to me. It's just not really motivating to go out and shoot when all you got is a boring, cloudy sky. I won't deny that it does go hand in hand with my more gloomy outfits, but I'd really appreciate it if spring would start early this year. Well, I guess that's enough weather-rant for one outfit post. 
On another note: I noticed that my recent haircare post on clarifying got a very good response. Would you like to see more haircare related posts? Just let me know in the comments below! 

P.S.: For anyone wondering where the title for this post is from, check out Marilyn Manson's new-ish single Deep Six. I just really didn't want to call this outfit post 'A High Heels Suicide'. That would have been far too easy.


  1. omg you bloody sex bomb you haha I love that shirt and those shorts are to die for xx

  2. You look so good in red! Love the shirt (I love flannel!) and your shorts with tights :)


  3. Flannel shirts are by far my fave things to wear!
    Alice xo

  4. i love that shirt. love your edgy look


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