Sunday, 11 January 2015

Wishlist: Post-Christmas Longings

Wishlist High Heels Suicide Windsor eBay H&M

It's usually the time after Christmas when you promised to save some cash on NYE that you discover the best clothes ever, just like this oversized flannel dress from Windsor or the even more awesome alternative by High Heels Suicide, which I actually managed to track down an order yesterday even though it looks as if it's sold out permanently. Also from High Heels Suicide is this gorgeous daisy choker, which I personally can't wait to wear around my neck. You see, I already caved and ordered some of the pieces on here. I hope you don't mind.
Two dresses made it on the list this time: the one on the far left reminds me a lot of the ones from Black Milk Clothing I used to lust over but which were far off my budget. This one from StyleMoi is an excellent alternative. On the right is a dress from MotelRocks which I've had my eyes on ever since I saw it on Lookbook.

Now, I've been very big on online shopping as of late - is there anything you've laid your eyes on recently? 


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