Friday, 27 February 2015

Trend: Bohemian Bell Bottoms

bohemian bell bottoms trousers pants velvet print

The 60's are back! This summer, a trend which I wasn't so sure about until recently is coming back strong: bell bottoms. Skinny at the top and flowy from the knees onwards - the casual silhouette definitely inspires a bohemian look and gives off a summer-y vibe. This summer, you'll find these beauties in all colours and textures. From velvet over lace and fancy prints to solid colours, everything will be (and already is) represented in all kinds of online boutiques. Even jeans in this cut will make a huge comeback later this year. You can either decide to splurge on a pair by Free People or Spell and the Gypsy Collective or dabble into the style by getting a cheaper pair from Forever 21 first before committing. Or maybe you already own a pair from a few years back and just shop your own closet!
I personally was very sceptical when I heard about the comeback of this trend at first, but I have to admit that they're growing on me. Especially since they're super versatile. You can either dress them up with a nice blazer for a business-casual look or wear them on a laid-back day at the beach. The different fabrics they come in make them a great transitional piece as well, especially if you consider getting bell bottom jeans instead of a pair of light cotton trousers.

What do you think of bell bottoms? Do you love them or do you hate them? 


  1. I have never owned a pair of bell bottoms. I don't think I would like them because even bootcut jeans bug me :P I would love to see an outfit of you wearing them, I think you would look really great in them!


  2. I personally wasn't a fan of bootcut jeans in my early teens as well but I'm really excited about bell bottoms for some reason! You're lucky, I already ordered two pairs and I'm eagerly awaiting to style them in an outfit post asap! I don't think they're suitable for the current weather, though.


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