Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Outfit: Bright Accents

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Flecked Cotton Blend Sweater and Orange Bag - Mango 
Leather Skirt, Boots, Necklace and Sunglasses - H&M 
Wanderlust Ring and Delphinius Moonstone Poison Box Ring - Shop Dixi 

Happy beginning of spring, everyone! I honestly couldn't be happier that the days of leaving the house all bundled up in hundreds of layers are numbered. Since the air is still a little crisp, however, I opted for a lightweight knit today. I picked this one up very recently at Mango and I'm honestly very pleased with it! Lately, I rediscovered my love for very classic, monochrome pieces. Zara, Mango and ASOS are my best friends at the moment, which is great because shipping doesn't take long. It pleases my ridiculously impatient shopper-mind immensely. 

/ / Fröhlichen Frühlingsbeginn alle zusammen! Ich könnte wirklich nicht glücklicher darüber sein, dass die Tage der Wintermäntel und hundert Schichten gezählt sind - zumindest für diese Saison. Da es trotzdem noch ein wenig frisch ist, habe ich mich bei diesem Outfit für einen Pullover auf einem leichten Material entschieden. Dieser hier ist von Mango und ich bin wirklich sehr glücklich damit! Ich habe in letzter Zeit deutlich meine Liebe für sehr klassiche und monochrome Kleidungsstücke wiederentdeckt. Somit zieht es mich wieder deutlich zu Zara, Mango und ASOS hin, was mein ungeduldiges Shopper-Herz durch die kurzen Lieferzeiten sehr erfreut. 


  1. I love the sunglasses! Goes well with your face shape :)


  2. I find it so hard to find knit pieces that actually feel really nice, since some of them feel stiff, or they're made of wool.

    The orange handbag is a nice touch to the grey/black outfit!


  3. Monochrome is great! I like this jumper a lot :)

    ❤ Little Owl's Diary

  4. adorable plait, and I love that pop of orange in the bag! :)


  5. I'm catching up on your blog posts since I have been absent in the blogosphere lately, so pardon my flooding your posts, lol.

    I LOVE that orange bag. Like, crazy love it *insert heart-eyed emoji* I wish we had Spring here in the Philippines. We're already having summer here and the heat is IN-SANE. How I wish I could dress up spring-style like you're sporting in this post! I'd kill for that light-knit period in my life (like I would for that gorgeously yummy orange bag of yours, lol)! <3

    Happiness is Free

  6. That mango bag is absolutely GORGEOUS and I love your hair in a plait it really suits you xxx


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