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Elina Wagner Miss Blue Eyes Austria Fashion Blogger

Hi! I see that you'd like to know a little more about the person who runs MissBlueEyes.com. First of all, I'm very grateful that you're taking the time to read my blog - it certainly means a lot to me.

I'm an Austrian personal style blogger who is influenced by many different styles such as 90's Grunge, 70's Bohemian, (Nu-)Goth. In my teenage years, I used to experiment with different styles a lot and I eventually came to the conclusion that everyone is unique in their way of dressing and that's absolutely wonderful.

On my blog I mainly focus on Fashion but there are some occasional Beauty and Lifestyle posts as well. If you'd like to make contact with me, send me an e-mail at elina.wagner@gmail.com, I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Beauty Profile

Location: Austria, Central Europe
Skin type: Normal ~ Combination
Complexion: MAC NW13
Skin concerns: Breakouts, Redness
Hair: My natural colour is be ash blonde but it's heavily bleached. I'm currently growing it out.

Make-up brands of choice: MAC, Urban Decay, Innisfree

Where I shop at: Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Black Milk Clothing, Shop Dixi, H&M, StyleMoi, Storenvy, eBay, Forever 21, Vintage and many more.


  1. OHH ich hatte zuerst ganz übersehen, dass du aus Österreich kommst :O ich wollt nur mal sagen, ich find dein Blog richtig toll. Letztens habe ich bemerkt, dass immer mehr Leute ihre Blogs aufgeben, daher find ich es immer schön jemand neues zu finden, ich hoff du machst lange weiter so :D

    1. Hey Roxi! Ich hab mich sehr über deinen Kommentar gefreut. :) Ich bin zwar noch nicht so lange am bloggen aber ich kann mir nicht wirklich vorstellen jemals wieder damit aufzuhören, dafür macht es mir viel zu viel Spaß. :) Danke jedenfalls, freut mich sehr, dass dir mein Blog gefällt. <3


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